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Ottley Music School lost one of its students (cello) to cancer in May 2015, Dr. Myschelle Spears, a principal in the Prince George's County Public School, and a former principal of Sligo Seventh-day Adventist School.

Ottley Music School lost one of its Alumni, and the nephew of Mrs. Ottley and Mr. Adjahoe, in the person of Nathan Anderson, age 25 in a tragic traffic accident on March 25, 2010. 

He was the son of Mrs. Ottley's sister and brother-in-law, Ruby Ottley Anderson and Gerald Anderson, brother of Nicole (Nikki) and Nichelle Anderson.  The Celebration of Life for Nathan (held on April 1) is on Ustream and has been viewed over 13,700 times. Many photos can be found on Facebook on Jonathan Adjahoe's and Myron Ottley's photo pages.  There's an article written on Nathan in the Jan/Feb 2010 USJ .  Please keep the family and friends in your prayers.

Join Us on Facebook

Ottley Music School has a page on facebook for OMS ALUMNI, STUDENTS, FRIENDS which includes present and former Teachers, present and former Parents, present and former Board Members, and present and former Advisory Board members, as well as friends who have followed and supported the work of the Ottley Music School over the past four decades.  Why not join us.  Thank you.

Dear Alumni,

That means anyone who was taught music by Mrs. Ottley at any time  (from 1962-to present),  or who was a teacher or student at Ottley Music Studio (1973-1998) or at Ottley Music School (1998-present), or we welcome you to the Ottley Music School website.  This is the 35th year of the existence of this school which began in 1973 as a home piano and theory studio in Silver Spring, Maryland.  However, Mrs. Ottley was teaching long before that time, since about 1962 and took the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations, practical (performance) and theory annually.  There are many professional persons who were students of hers from back then, and you also are considered "alumni".

We would like to hear from you, receive a picture, and your resume or curriculum vitae.  Besides knowing your academic and occupational successes, we would like to know about how your knowledge of music has impacted your life, whether you are still involved in music, and how.  We would like to hear about your family--spouse, children, grandchildren and their achievements, and involvment in music. 

This information will be kept as we form our Alumni Association. We will like to know of any important events happening that other alumni would want to know of.  Send us the information, give us permission to post it either on the website or in the Ottley Music School newsletter Alumni News column.

Send info to and entitle it "ALUMNI NEWS" 

Telephone:  301-454-0991

Facsimile: 301-454-0298

Mobiles:  301-467-1021

or 301-367-7406


Clayton "Claythoveen" Taylor


Former students now professionals

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