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Little Mozart Kera Matthews at piano of Philippine church

PHONE:  301-454-0991    FAX:  301-454-0298

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ADDRESS:   University Town Center, 6525 Belcrest Road, Suite G-20, Hyattsville, MD 20782

Music for Little Mozarts Class Curriculum

Classroom Music for Little Mozarts Curriculum with CD includes all of the songs, stories, plush characters and lessons for children ages almost 4, 5 and 6 in the early childhood class-room. 

Plush characters Mozart Mouse, Beethoven Bear and Clara Schumann-Cat,  are included to help the music lesson come alive for the students.

These piano-based classes include well-sequenced and quickly paced lesson with a correlating CD that includes all of the songs (played and sung, stories and activities in four levels.

There are fun activities for children to do during and after the class and at home.

This program is the perfect resource for getting young children involved in a comprehensive musical experience that involves fine motor skills development, singing, body movement, listening skills and musical concepts.

Assessment materials and correlations to the National Standards for Music Education are also included.


Materials for the 2-year courses include:
  • Lesson Book (Main method book) (in all four levels)
  • Recital Book (reinforces what is taught in Lesson Book) (in all four levels)
  • Workbook (theory and ear-training) (in all four levels
  • Discovery Book (musical activities & singing in solfeg) (4 levels)
  • Little Mozarts Go to Church (Sacred songs) (Levels 1/2, Levels 3/4)
  • Little Mozarts Go to Hollywood, Pop Songs (Levels 1/2, Levels 3/4)
  • Optional books:  Halloween, Christmas
  • Flash Cards in all four levels
  • 2 CDs (to accompany the Lesson & Discovery books on all 4 levels)
  • Plush teaching toys, Mozart Mouse (Level 1)
  • Beethoven Bear (Level 1)
  • J. S. Bunny (Level 2)
  • Clara Schumann Cat (Level 2)
  • Pachelbel Penguin (Level 2)
  • Nannerl Mouse (Level 3)
  • Professor Haydn Hippo (Level 3)
  • Puccini Pooch (Level 4)
  • Nina Ballerina (Level 4) 

Beethoven Bear

J. S. Bunny

Clara Schumann Cat

Mozart Mouse

Nannerl Mouse, Mozart


For children, Ages 3 1/2 to 6 years of age with at least one parent attending with the child. Jillian Holdsworth or Nevilla E. Ottley, teachers.  

REGISTER TODAY.  Spring classes begin the week of March 12, 2018

These classes are keyboard-based classes, with singing, action songs, stylized dances, and music history age-appropriate stories. Classes are scheduled weekly for the entire school year, including the summer.  Children receive weekly classes and assignments, and they are expected to practice at least 40 minutes daily.



Professor Haydn Hippo

Nina Ballerina

Elgar E. Elephant



  •  Mozart Mouse (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) is the treble clef, Book 1
  •  Beethoven Bear (Ludwig van Beethoven) is the bass clef, Book 1
  • Clara Schumann Cat (the pianist/composer wife of Robert Schumann) Cat introduces the Mouse and Bear to the music classroom. Book 2
  • Nannerl Mouse is part of the music history as Mozart's real sister was, as all the animals are historically connected Book 3
  • Prof. Haydn Hippo (Franz Joseph Haydn) teaches lines and spaces, Book 3
  • J. S. Bunny (Johann Sebastian Bach) shows us intervals, Book 2
  • Nina Ballerina introduces Tchaikovsky and other ballet composers, Book 4
  • Puccini Pooch (Giacomo Puccini) introduces opera. Book 4
  • Elgar E. Elephant (Edward Elgar who encourages Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse to"learn something new")  
  • Pachelbel Penguin (Johann Pachelbel, a walking encyclopedia of music history) 

Other composers and musical artists introduced in the series and in our music history story hour include:
  • Edward Mac Dowell (American)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (German)
  • George Frederick Handel (German/English)
  • Scott Joplin* (Black American)
  • Franz Josef Haydn (German)
  • Robert Nathaniel Dett* (Black American, Canadian)
  • Johannes Brahms (Europe)
  • Franz Schubert (Europe)
  • Chevalier de Saint Georges* (French African Caribbean)
  • George Frederick Handel (Europe)
  • George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower* (Polish/African Barbadian)
  • Phillipa Duke Schuyler* (Black/White American)
  • Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield* (Black/Indian American)
  • Jose de los Delores White* (Afro-Cuban) 

* with African blood

Tuition is $300 per 12-week term. Registration is $35 per school year or part thereof.  Recitals is $35 per term.  Materials [6 books, 2 CDs, 2 stuffed animals, flash cards, Handbook & Journal, OMS Music Bag] cost about $90 per each of the 4 levels. During the school year, classes of various levels are taught once per week Tuesdays, Wednesday or Thursdays. 

Summer classes may be offered during the day if the parents are requesting them at that time for 7 or more families, or for an all day camp at a different price. Parents attend the classes with the child(ren), sitting right next to them at the keyboard on a separate chair.

Little Mozarts appear in the monthly recitals including the first month, singing and playing the piano or keyboards. 

Each child must have an instrument at home for daily practice, either an acoustic piano or a touch-sensitive electronic keyboard of at least 61 keys.  

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