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Programs: Students on the Move


Check out facebook page for current events.

2009 FALL:

OMS STUDENTS and FAMILIES attended the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes Christmas Concert at the Verizon Center, thanks to a connection from Tanya Laurenceau.  Thank you.

OMS VOCAL STUDENTS, Alysia Mitchell, solo, and Ensemble of 9 singers performed for the D. C. City Council Holiday Gala on Monday, December 14 under the auspicies of the Diamond Xcel organization. They were transported by Capital Entertainment Services Bus Tours

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These young ladies, Queen (10 1/2 years old) and Kianna (just turned 8 before Thanksgiving) just had a successful run in the National American Miss National Pageant in California  Queen won the overall National Pagaent $2,000 trip to Texas for photo shoot, and the trip back to California for next year's National Competition.  Kianna won the 2009 National American Miss Top Model National Title for the Junior Preteen Division. 

Ottley Music School Singers win the award

for the No. 1 Choir by D.I.V.A. Inc. (Devoted Individuals with Vision and Ambition) on Friday, Nov. 13 at University of Maryland.

OMS piano students, performed for UCAP (United Communities Against Poverty) fund-raiser at the Camelot.

Performing on Tuesday, November 10 were Billy Brophy duet with mom, Johnna Schmidt, piano soloists Norman King II, Olivia Martin, and Michael Butler performed for UCAP (United Communities Against Poverty) fund-raiser at the Camelot on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

OMS performed as special guests for Diamond Xcel, teen fine arts awards

Presented in performance were violinists, Maya Brown and Victor Baules, singer Kianna Kelly-Futch, and pianist Victor Baules, celebrating youth achievements on Saturday, Nov. 14 at the Zanzibar-On-The-Waterfront. They received an award. Congratulations to the students, teachers and parents.


Cleavon Davis (9) sings and does a reading for Black History program at both his church, Bladensburg Seventh-day Adventist and at another church on Sunday, Feb. 23 and 24. He participated in a concert with other students of the Ottley Music School in the Poconos for the Northeastern Conference's New England District's Personal Ministries in Waymart, Pennsylvania, May 3, 2008

Alysia Mitchell (7) sings two Harry T. Burleigh Spirituals for a Black History Service atGuildfield Baptist Church, 1023 Otis Street, NE, Washington, DC 20017, Feb. 24.She also performed in the Poconos.

Destiny-Ruth Sterling (9)went to Hollywood to an Actors Reading Workshop, February 16-18. Talent Scouts were there. Also performed in the Poconos, and on violin and piano at the Washington DC's National Cancer Survivor's Celebration June 8, 2008.

Jenine Faith Lycorish (10) performed in France with the Children God Choir of NY Feb. 15-18, and won an audition to sing and play in Bermuda at the end of March 2008.

Kianna Kelly-Futch (6) appeared as a little Princess in the Miss College Park Pageant (part of the Miss America Scholarship Program) on February 16. She sang the National Anthem for one of the junior boxing matches recently, and will do so for another tournament upcoming soon.   She also performed in the Poconos

Gabriela Sotomayor (15) sang on February 16 at Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church, and on February 19, did something that we have never done before--sang for a couple's first year anniversary, except that she was in Austin Texas and he was sitting in Ms. Ottley's studio. It was supposed to be a surprise for him, and when he realized it, he grabbed his video cam, and then called her, so she was also surprised for she heard it with him, and later received the video.  She is singing in the Prince George's 2008 Summer Teen Theatre.  This is her second season.  All the above students appear on the OMS' debut DVD, "Scenes from Elijah and Messiah" done December 2007.

Ibn Fife (6) played in an ice hockey game. 






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